Tour of the Universe

Tour of the Universe
May, 2005

Road Trip

I have another trip down a long road ahead of me. I have an even longer one behind me. It is the same for West Sound Unity Church.

The road this church has traveled is almost as long as the one I’ve rolled on down during this lifetime. West Sound Unity was founded in 1943, one year after I was born. Yes, I was born in 1942, although I’m not nearly that old. Marion Brown founded this church and guided it through the growing years until it was large enough for them to build their own church, which they completed in 1964. Marion served this church for about 26 years. I arrived in 1997, after a long string of ministers, averaging a little over two years of service each. The longest stay was about six years. I have been here over eight years, and I am pleased about that and grateful.

I am leaving West Sound Unity Church after these eight years because I feel the call of Spirit to do so. Last December, someone said to me, “Something has to change. We need to do something.” We have been challenged financially most of the time I have served here. This is my greatest disappointment: that I couldn’t find the key to unlocking our financial prosperity. When I heard this comment, it triggered something in my soul. I knew, at that moment, that it was time for me to leave. It was time for the church to open it’s heart to someone else that would take it to the next step.

Please note that I mentioned “financial prosperity.” I believe we have prospered in many other ways. I believe there has been a healing in this church during these eight years, and that the level of joy and love has increased greatly. I am intensely grateful for this. Now, it is time for this church to experience the abundance it so deserves. This will, of course, begin immediately as the church is relieved of paying a minister’s salary. This isn’t the long term answer though. The truth is, you are the long term answer. It is your prayers, love and support that will answer this question.

Margie Hyatt will be the Church Coordinator when I leave. That will be written about elsewhere in this newsletter; just allow me to say that Margie will do a wonderful work in this church, and all will be blessed by it, and not least will be Margie. Here is where you come in; here is where you become the answer to the question of prosperity for this church.

A church is not a minister or a Church Coordinator; a church is only a church if there are people making it so. People like you. May 1st will be my last Sunday — please don’t make it yours. If you attend now, keeping on coming; if you haven’t been here in a while, come on back! — Margie and the board will make sure there is something to feed you spiritually when you come. But most important, come for the people here that you love, and come for your soul, for it is in the presence of the love of those who attend West Sound Unity Church that you are most fed by the manifested love of God, and you have the opportunity to express that love. With you here, supporting your church and the people you love that attend here, this church will prepare itself for new and higher good. I don’t know how; I don’t know when, but I know it will. God expresses powerfully anytime we open the door and step out onto the road before us.

I know that my road is taking me to wonderful adventures, and to wonderful people to love the best I can. I know that West Sound Unity Church is on the road to wonderful adventures and to receiving wonderful people to love — and new leadership directed here by God. Don’t miss it — be here to watch it all unfold.

Thank each and every one of you for making my eight years here years of growth, joy and love.